Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Over burdened soul.

Why can't I breathe? The air feels heavier all the sudden and my feet drag with each step. No longer light as if filled with helium. My soul over burdened with so much turmoil. Either I've cast many chains and I've grown tired or lacking vision I've been dragging and adding even more chains. There is something you must know, my dear friends... there is hope for you, I promise. But it's far too late for me.

The bluebird can sing, but I no longer hear it in my chest. The ole crow's soul is pouring through and I'm no fish that can climb trees. Just swimming on along down the stream.

These responses grow sluggish, the time goes faster to talk myself out of my own home, the hope for tomorrow grows dim and I just wonder, what happened to all that hope I once had?

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