Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think the most truthful thing I can say is that I know nothing. I hardly know how to just love properly. If it's truely human to keep exploring, there is far more for me to learn everyday. Also, with the truth being ours where we find it and who knows what's good and what's bad... it's quite a journey.

There is this story I heard, there is this man and his horse runs away. The neighbor comes out and is like, 'what terrible luck! This is terrible....' and the man is un-changed by this happneing, 'Who knows what's good and what's bad.' Then the next day a herde of horses run up and into his ranching area and the neighbor is excstatic, 'Look, what a glorious day!' The man, still unchanged by this happening by these happenings, he isn't not sad nor excited. The man says once again, 'You know, who knows what's good and what's bad.' A little while goes by the man and son are working on the fences for the horses. His son falls from something, he ends up breaking his leg. The neighbor once again, 'what a terrible thing, your son... what are you gonna do?' The neighbor, father still unchanged, 'who knows what's good and what's bad.' A little while later a war starts and the mans son is passed up due to his broken leg, he is not drafted.... I'll end there, mainly because that is all I know.