Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Passengers on the train, days are passn’ by.

Just random stuff I wrote the past few days. While traveling or talking to people, in some way an indepth look at my life I suppose. ahaha Not really poetry and not really lyrics... makes me feel better. The dates are through 8/26/10-8/30/10. Peace!


The anxious settling
stomach all tied in knots
tossing, turning, sleepless nights
all nerves at ease
traveling is settling in these veins
and haven’t yet departed

When it appears everyone is lying
push and pull to pry the underlining meaning
no more allegories, poetics nor prose
straight truth of what your meaning

it’s a cool breeze on the summers day
supple rain during a dry heat
luscious greens and blues transcend all things
but those smiling dimples with breezy brown hairs
keep me focused all day

her dazed and confused pale days
when all changes
mumbled words, mixed in errors
one hundred eight degrees
where the hell did it go, unsettling

Remember that day, we acted married
the 25 cent ring, for ten minutes more
would give to infinity
just for one minute back there

Just mixed up confusion
and Lord it’s killn’ me., Dylan

Just passengers on the train
headn’ somewhere
Thank God, nowhere but here
Headn’ over Jordan, I’m headn’ home

pick me up I’ve fallen
while meeting someone new
I wonder what you’d be thinkn’
This I’ll never know
I’ll never know

anxiety resting
stomach filled with whiskey and coffee
apathetic towards the sleepless nights
nerves all shot
the minds only at ease traveling

by, Kris Denoyer

Friday, August 13, 2010

Questioning Apathy

Apathy: 1. Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
2. lack of interest or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.
3. Also, Apatheia - freedom from emotion of any kind.

Origin: 1600 French, "Freedom from suffering"
Latin, Apatheia, "Freedom from suffering, impassibility" from Apathes, "without feeling," from a- "without" + pathos "emotion, feeling, suffering."

Originally positive quality, sense of "indolence of mind, indifferent to what should excite."


I ask myself, "Does the negative or positive of this lead me to any of the choices I make? Or is there a positive to such a thing? Perhaps it's just negative, where it's a slippery slope to forgetting humans and becoming locked in a tight little bubble. Have I made decisions of pacifism, vegetarianism, friendships, relationships, theological views based on... apathy or genuine care?"

I would hope the latter, but I will give this some deep thought. Sorry for no answer, I just have contemplation.


I find the word usage very intriguing, "Freedom from suffering." Could be true, not letting the emotions of the situation get the best of you, but at the same time it could be quite negative. Not letting any emotion come in what so ever, could create a disconnect.. anywho, I'm just rambling.