Sunday, October 19, 2008

a whisper, a formed backing

Symbolism is as simple as a thimble at the end of your finger. 
Every manifestation is a creation of interpretation,
expressions of imaginations.  

A preacher that breaches the true teachn',
while he takes a drag from a smoke,
"Camels my decision but Jesus is how I'm livin'." 
Street preacher preaches.

Prophet of the ages.
A group of profiters, 
bankers and lawyers. 
Closer to knockn' on heavens' door.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Restlessness: The back drop to change, man.

People say I'm some sort of visionary or have a grasp on some great imagination. It's a lonely place. I just let a happening happen, I dig it. I can't explain it, you just can't explain this thing that happens. But whatever it is seems to be good, a lot of things came about because it's just been good.

It isn't me who creates that change, it's in you. What you feel is being comfortable, being comfortable to see it just isn't you with these ideas and opinions. You make the change in you, because it's been there, that uneasy feeling at the pit of the stomach waiting to be let out.

Staring at the world around bring me some gin, I'm gonna face this with a grin. We're gonna take a plunge if we don't look within. The edge of the road, there is no abroad were locked in this town. Wasted with bottle in hand. Trapped in forgetting the times, without defining the lines lost in the economic times. Divisions we need some revisions, bring forth the speculation of recklessness as consciousness. Independent movement of reformed provisions. Intellectual understanding within love in arms not arms of war. Change around the corner, don't look to the border. Look away from the warrior.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conversing of Author to Reader.

They why to write, for me.

Writing to me is a conversation between two individuals. Yes, even if a book is being read out loud to a class or group. It's still between two people, ones brian still interprets it in the form of perception. By you reading this, I am talking to you at this moment and no one else. Even though it's a broad public post I still speak directly towards someone. Not only am I getting inside of your head but you are getting into mine, in some way or form, we are getting into each others head. The only difference is you have a tougher job of telling me directly your thoughts, well not so much on blogs or whatever. If I was to say written this in a novel, it would be more difficult to directly tell me. 

Anyways, I'm just opening up to what I want to talk about here... as someone wishing to be an author one day, writing is one of the most personable things. A book isn't secret, what can be secret is the thoughts and emotions that have been wrapped up in the time frame a person reads a book. Getting to know something about the author in some round-a-bout way as well getting to know what lies within yourself. Blogging for me is an endless novel that creates an engagement with somebody's story that isn't as possible with novels or short stories. A feeling of involvement and input.

Now on to my epiphany the other night.
Actual date: October 2nd, 2008
Place: Buffalo Wild Wings
Written on a napkin

Coming to age tales, brought up through symbolism typically completes a story. Not the actual novel but the characters ability to finally tell the story. Does coming of age mean being able to tell your story? Does verbalization mean the person is more mature, I disagree. The persons decisions after this coming to realization makes them advance, the next step can be a concept work. Not everyone understands how to create symbolism and give an elaborate telling of what happened to them. I could transcribe somebody's life into a story, but that would take away form the personal emotions. It would just be my version and with my forms of symbolism. Some people just can't put into words the change they went through, but just know it was important. I'm gonna finish my story in a different form of coming to age tale, I already feel as though I can tell a story and no event got me this way. I just have a portion of a tale to tell, people have been waiting to listen. It just took me a while to figure out the novel. A meaningful outlook and changing situations to make this tale more interesting.

As for everything else, I'm pretty happy as of right now. I just recently got fired, in an under handed manner. That I don't really care too much about and do not feel like explaining, so let me leave it as that. As of right now I've just been pretty busy with school since I was sick last week. As life wise, a lot has changed. I'm excited to say I feel as though I have some good friends at the moment, not as many as I once had but I can't be sad because numbers are down. It's consistency in the friends not the quantity.

List of Books I want to read.
Paper Towns (Which comes out October 16th)
Clockwork Orange
Amongst the Thugs
Let it Snow
To Kill a Mocking Bird (Read it again)
more... but too lazy to keep typing. I feel like reading now.

I walked up to my friend and he said, "Hey Holden."
To which I was perplexed, "Why did you call me Holden? You don't know a Holden nor is there a way to have Alex and Holden get confused."
"It wasn't a mistake, sometimes you remind me of H.C." I thought to myself, what does he mean by that? No one wants to be like him... ah crap.

Later friends.