Saturday, October 24, 2009

A first pass at ongoing thinknig.

The revolution, a new era to an on going story; Begins simply inside ones self. In the deep dark corners and also amongst the people around now (thoughts of changing the world is great, but you can't change much if your can't treat your neighbor with love.) Finding humanity more and more, with justice and truth, staying clear of cold scholasticism and stale self-logic, or being in isolation from others...But prayerfully seeking, loving and bonding with Christ in others (people) and ourselves. Transform our love into actual deeds. If lucky, be good examples and live in a Christ like nature. A revolution from our own sinful ways, I pray I can do that.

“A revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”, Che

To perform a peaceful revolution needs great passion and spirit (or Faith: ‘fear and trebling.’) far more than an armed revolution. Patience is a key, one cannot instill passion and fervor in others for such a cause. Perhaps only a seed can be planted but that means ‘large doses of humanity, a large dose of a sense of justice and truth. Meaning, the only true revolution can occur after getting to know the masses.

What does this say? Simply that the length of time it takes to create a peaceful revolution is a long daunting process, but also seems impossible due to the fact there is far more armed tactics for revolution to go by. From the start it seems impossible, No. Just much harder and the process is longer or even won’t happen besides a crack of peace here and there. One could die before any ramifications are made... the reward is seen in the distance; or not seen at all. Failure or not, a change is made even at the smallest point.

Once again the beginning of a revolution starts within the person. So like many others that traveled their country to learn more, it seems great to follow in their footsteps. To trek across the nation talking to those in hard times and good times. Journaling all we hear, asking questions of what could be better for the people we wish to help. A revolution wouldn’t start from wanting it, it just happens while out among the masses. To come to a point of being as Che said Fidel, ‘having a dialogue (with the people) is like tow tuning forks whose vibrations interact, producing new sounds. They vibrate together in a dialogue of growing intensity until they reach the climax in an abrupt conclusion crowned by our cry of struggle and victory.’ Such things should not go ones head, this isn’t your movement. You’re a vessel of God’s showing passion and love, with letting it be yours it’s to easy to have power corrupt you. ‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ for what you create can be easily taken. Most revolts end with the oppression that began it. ‘The law of the state is that in order to save the state even the innocent must be sacrificed... The death of a single man from among the least of men is an event more important and more tragic than the death of a state or an empire. It is unlikely that God notices the death of the greatest kingdoms, but the death of one man does not escape him...’ Berdyaev.

What can be said of that? Two things come to mind,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking through Chicago

So the last I had returned to Chicago I was with Brock... we took the train up and had to make it in time to catch the next one... about 12 blocks north. So, we sprinted it. Which reminds me, we should have worn better shoes. We sprinted just to realize that we didn't need to, because we were 3 hours early. Why? Oh that's right, because we didn't read the train schedules properly. The listings are different from each train. So we decided to hang out and walk around a bit. I also left the book Slaughter House V sitting on a table before we left to catch the train we were early for... I'm dumb.

I digress, we went outside and talked a while.. and someone asked if they could use my cellphone to make a phone call. Of course I'll let her, she looked hurt and had a medical bracelet on. We talked to a guy she was with, apparently they had just met that day. She was waiting for a ride and he was I believe a wanderer who just saw the blue angles fly at the pier. He was a sweet dude and talked us into trying to go see the show the following year. From talking they seemed hungry so Brock and I went inside to buy them some McDonalds. While inside I saw this cool sweet dude hanging out with his kids. He bought them happy meals and he was messing with the toys, he was also reading Walt Whitman. Then we went back outside, talked some more and found out that we are almost late for our train. We had to book it to the train, as left Brocks book there on the ground... still send out my apologies Brock.

Then we visit Caitlin, eat some pizza and head on our way back... after I bug Caitlin. It's what I do.