Monday, April 25, 2011

Random writings trashed, something I found and simple adventures.

-Random Writings.

Professional killer, destroy me not
provocative instigator, I revel so
I wasn't quite true
so we bled through

Childish beholder, never forgot
untimely death, into the depth
Success is nothing, but greek to me
growing weary and weak.


Wasn't built for greatness
wasn't built for fame
It's all just a shame
and I don't blame You


Poster child with no poster

I ain't got nothn' to lose.
Only the exhaustion from huntn'.
Lines entangled together,
cut it loose for christs sake!


-Something I found

While on a hunt through Bens' Potter shoppe. I found a room, covered in glass and a sound booth inside. The first day I found a letter written for a last anonymous playlist a group of people were making for each other. It appears they would write notes about their troubles anonymously as a group and share, just hide them or put them in a pile. I found the remnants of one persons mix cds. Just the list of songs from the month October and a note that goes with the last playlist shared. Here is the note I found:

"You - (you),
I am sorry to tell you that this is the end - the last of the Monthly anonymous mix cds. i don't know if i will ever be able to explain what it meant to me to be part of this - and to be included in your lives. Thank you. for giving me this outlet - this beautiful place to exist as something secret, & intimate, & rare. if you want to know me, please! send me an e-mail - (

if you would prefer to have the intrigue, take it - it's yours to keep. Thank you, again, for listening - for being a breathing human being with ears & heart & penchant for mystery & eccentricity. thank you for letting me into your life. i loved this. so much. thank you, thank you, than you. & goodbye.
with love,
your secret friend."

This is the first playlist I found:

(to be listened to in the dark during a thunderstorm.)

1. mirah: cold cold water*
2. the mountain goats: dilaudid*
3. mark mothersbaugh: we call them pirates out here*
4. the decemberists : II (from the train)*
5. rufus wainwright: evil angel*
6. elysian fields: black acres*
7. denale: function
8. cat power: the werewolf song*
9. radiohead: exit music (for a film)*
10. murder by death: that crown don't make you a prince*
11. sufjan stevens: john wayne gacy, jr.*
12. elliott smith: angeles*
13. low: whore*
14. bjork: unravel*
15. sigur ros: saeglopur*
16. the new year: 18
17. m83: safe*
18. the album leaf: window*

I wondered if this was the last playlist mentioned, but I decided to look around the next day again... a bit more thoroughly. I brought a flashlight this time. I found another playlist printed this time, it was the last one! It was in May, here is the mix cd:

[alas! the last, the last. how I loved this (you).]

1. the one a.m. radio: measured mile begins
2. editors: let your good heart lead you home*
3. sufjan stevens: chicago (acoustic)*
4. badly drawn boy: camping next to water*
5. casey dienel: the la la song
6. joanna newson: clam, crab, cockle, cowrie*
7. bob dylan & johnny cash: girl of the north country
8. arcade fire: cold wind
9. ben lee: in my life
10. elliott smith: i better be quiet now
11. the wekerthans: left & leaving
12. denison witmer: this and that
13. figurines: race you
14. destroyer: streethawk II
15. sunset rubdown: us ones in between
16. jeff buckley: last goodbye
17. andrew bird & nora o'connor: oh, sister
18. wilco: she's a jar
19. the shins: harvest moon (live)
20. nick drake: which will
21. ben folds: evaporated*

I found the last playlist, I went on an adventure in the store. It's so big and has so much history. At one point it was an art studio, school, computer lab, dance studio, stores, pottery shoppe, recording lab, and recreational hall. So there was soo much stuff to look at.

Also, through this I need your help. I really enjoy the idea of being part of this history. This liturgy fromm people I don't know and I won't get a hold of. I tried to e-mail that person, but no luck. Which is ok, I can let my imagination fill in the rest. It makes for a great story, people who knew each other but really... didn't. Helped one another through something, something great and something different. Just by making playlists and mix cds with a note attached. How amazing we are! This human race. So much despair but so much tenacity and curiosity that leads us into danger and greatness. It's considerably absurd and such an audacity but, truly beautiful.

So, this is the help I need. You'll notice a * next to some songs, these are the songs I have. If anyone knows or has some songs to help me obtain to have these mixes in a whole... I will, give to them, completed mixes and a special something with it for the trouble. It would be much appreciated!

Now here are some photos and a song by Morrissey.

bai bai.

Have you ever had any adventures like this? Going on hunts and finding random pieces from time past?

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